Who are the biggest EMS/ODM companies in Europe?
16. December 2021

Dieter G. Weiss, in4ma

In4ma has been analysing the European EMS/ODM market for many years and has a database of approx. 2200 legally independent companies belonging to 1865 companies. For every company you can find the sales and the number of employees in this database, retrospectively to 2013. No other market researcher has such detailed data. But where does this data come from? In the majority we work with the filed annual results in the country company registers. This is, why we are always behind with the numbers. But we prefer to have real numbers for a company rather than estimates, which easily can be totally wrong, in specific when talking about global players who might just shift production from a European factory to the Far East vice versa. In addition we have many other sources, which would make this short report too long, but we are always happy to explain in detail how we do it.

Here is the ranking of the TOP 50 EMS/ODM companies in Europe based on sales in 2020:

Some of the companies on the list may surprise you, such as Mektec, the manufacturer of flexible printed circuit boards. You have to know that today 95% of all Mektec printed circuit boards are assembled directly, i.e. PCBAs are produced. Cordon Electronics, doing a lot of repair, Bosch doing some EMS work as several other OEM as well (e.g. Technisat, Sony, Vincotech). A good example why one should wait for published numbers is Wistron, which used to be among the TOP 10 in Europe in 2019 and now has fallen to Pos. 175, which nobody could have foreseen or estimated. In addition, not the total sales of the companies were taken into account, but only the EMS share and only the share produced / invoiced in Europe. The 50 largest EMS in Europe represent 65% of the total turnover of 41.3 billion euros (2020) in Europe. The largest 100 account for 74% and the largest 300 for nearly 87%.

The ranking for 2021 will be interesting. After all, 2020 saw many mergers & acquisitions There could also be a few surprises, because in 2021 the companies developed very heterogeneously. One thing becomes obvious, the consolidation of the European EMS/ODM industry. Analysing all companies with more than 15 mil. Euro in revenues and looking back until 2013 how their share of all European revenues developed, it increased by nearly 9%.

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