1 year EMS Scout
28. June 2022

THE digital buyer’s guide for OEM companies in electronics

EMS Scout has been in existence for more than a year now and is enjoying increasing attention. In the beginning the daily number of visitors was 10 during the week, but meanwhile the number has increased to more than 40 visitors daily on normal working days. 67% of the visitors on the EMS Scout site come from Germany, 7% from the USA, 5% from Austria, 4% from China, 3% from Switzerland, and 2% each from the UK, the Netherlands and Finland. Other countries have already been added. Further offers are planned in the store, which will give an even better insight into the European EMS market.

Born is the idea to the EMS Scout on desire and need of many OEM enterprises, which are the correct platform those on the search for future suppliers, EMS Dienstleistern. Today, EMS Scout does exactly that. Moreover, digital, easy to use, always up to date, and able to proceed according to specific performance criteria for supplier search.

Starting with the D-A-CH region, another 14 countries and their EMS service providers have been added in the meantime.

This makes EMS service providers visible to all buyers from OEMs but also small startups looking for a qualified production partner. Even the largest European EMS is not known by some customers, but also in other countries.

Today, the EMS Scout does exactly that. For an OEM, EMS Scout offers the ideal opportunity to get a market overview for potential EMS service providers with just a few clicks. This, enriched with many different criteria, leads to a narrowing down according to the needs of the searcher. In this way, the OEM quickly gets an idea of which EMS is suitable for his business.

The EMS Scout can do a lot, but unfortunately it cannot do one thing. It does not automatically lead to new customers of the EMS industry and does not replace the own DISTRIBUTION. This was never the goal! The EMS Scout leads to the fact that the OEM customers can see all EMS service providers on a view and find qualified the way on the correct homepages of EMS service providers with the suitable achievement portfolio – if these registered themselves on the platform. Or the OEM decides to call in a professional to assist with sourcing, e.g. matthias.holsten e²consulting GmbH.

Since the creation of EMS Scout, we have registered more users on the platform every month and the acceptance is growing. Therefore we decided to go into the next phase and to further develop the EMS Scout. Version 2.0, so to speak. In the coming weeks, we will make it even more user-friendly. In addition, we are moving to a new server so that the results will be displayed even faster. Furthermore, there will be some measures to make EMS Scout even better known to the target group. We have another claim that we offer the most comprehensive and best database of EMS companies. We already fulfill this 100% today.

You can only get an overview of the range of EMS companies if you have access to a buyers’ guide that lists all companies: the EMS Scout.

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