Focus on PCB, dove sono gli EMS?
16. May 2023

Or should it be called “Focus on PCBA”? This important event with the title “Focus on PCB” is happening on May 17/18 in Vicenza, Italy. It is a gathering of the Italian Electronics Industry, which need to unite more and need to work together more in order to improve their performance. Many people do not even know, how many EMS companies are working in Italy, even though this information is available on the internet under

This is a digital buyers guide for the OEM industry looking for a reliable manufacturing partner. It can be used to do an areal search, just in case you are interested to find a company close by. But it can do more than that, based on the input of the EMS companies themselves.

OEMs might look for companies with a certain revenue size, with a certain certification, with a minimum number of SMT lines, with special manufacturing technologies or with a dedicated manufacturing depth/service.

This requires the input of the EMS companies themselves. Interested parties can request an application form at in order to get this additional information uploaded and then EMS-SCOUT adds this information to their homepages for a small fee.

You want to know more about this service, visit us at “Focus on PCB” in Vicenca, booth 418. In addition, in4ma will give an update on the European EMS market on May 18 and explain the structure and performance of the EMS market. Check the program and do not miss the event.

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