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Die EMS Jahresstatistik 2019 D-A-CH

Available in German and English

The EMS Annual Statistics 2023 Europe

The report is based on the annual statistics with the figures for the 2022 financial year and is supplemented in October each year with the current figures from the company registers of the federal states. In addition, many other analyzes developed during the year are added.

The report shows the development of the EMS industry in the individual countries and provides helpful additional information that companies can use as a benchmark and for strategic planning in the coming year.

The approx. 150-page report (pdf format) will be available from mid-October and can be purchased.

Die EMS Statistik des 1. Halbjahres 2020 D-A-CH

Available in German and English

The EMS industry

For many years we have been creating customer-specific studies on the EMS industry, analyzing the economic figures and the market segments, creating SWOT analyzes and working with you to develop strategies for improvement.

We give management seminars to keep your team up to date and to impart new market knowledge. Supervisory boards, advisory boards, private equity companies and family offices are also among our customers.

Let us advise you without obligation and create an offer.

Die EMS Statistik des 3. Quartals 2020 D-A-CH-NL

Available in German and English

Mergers & Acquisitions

Buying or selling a company is not just the job of a sales professional who tries to sell you something with snappy slogans and great charts. You don’t go to the bakery if you want a good piece of meat.

Trust the expertise of professionals who understand the EMS industry and work with it on a daily basis.

Together with you, we define the purchase or sale criteria, we create so-called “long lists” and reduce them to “short lists” or look for the right buyer for your company. We always make sure that it is a win-win situation, i.e. that both contracting parties are satisfied.

Adresslisten der EMS Industrie in Europa
Adresslisten der EMS Industrie in Europa
Adresslisten der EMS Industrie in Europa
Adresslisten der EMS Industrie in Europa

Available in German and English

Address lists of the EMS industry in Europe

Due to the detailed market research at in4ma, there is a database with approx. 2,200 EMS companies (each legally independent company counted separately), which is constantly updated and kept up to date. These address files can be purchased broken down by country. In addition, the companies can be sorted according to turnover groups (>300 million €, 100-300 million €, 50-100 million €, 20-50 million €, 10-20 million €, 5-10 million €, 2- €5 million and <€2 million) can be subdivided at an additional cost. The lists are delivered as an Excel file in pivot format and can thus be optimally sorted according to your own criteria.

Available in German and English

The EMS telegram for Europe every 2 months in an annual subscription for EUR 450 plus VAT.

Every 2 months in4ma creates a telegram for the EMS industry in Europe. Here you can find out the current developments of the past 2 months directly from the market. The telegram consists of between 6 and 10 pages and contains a summary from various public sources. The text has little to no graphics and focuses on the content of the message. In addition to publications of company news from the EMS companies, you will also receive the latest news from listed companies and their published results. In addition, the telegram also claims to show important developments that have an impact on the industry, e.g. information about relevant developments at suppliers as well as information from associations such as the IPC and legislative side such as initiatives of the European Union or individual countries. The information is summarized over time with relevant sources. The telegram from in4ma is the most efficient way to get a continuous overview of the activities and developments on the EMS market in Europe. The feedback from the industry confirms the high standards and the excellent quality. Take out an annual subscription for EUR 450 plus VAT and you will receive the next 6 issues of Telegram in either German or English. The subscription is automatically extended for another year if you do not cancel it 3 months before it expires.

In English language available only
In cooperation with Data4PCB

PCB survey Europe 2022

Already for more than 20 years the PCB survey Europe is published and is updated annually. It examines the European PCB production and consists of two files: one file with 30 pages of comments about the industry and the other file with more than 50 pages of graphs.

The data are obtained by manufacturers in Europe who are representing more than 70% of the European production volume. They respond to a detailed questionnaire and any remaining gaps are filled by interviews, publications and generally accessible sources.

The survey compares the development of PCB manufacturing in Europe of the past five years and provides details of countries with PCB production, about the technologies made and which industries are served. Thus this document is a useful tool for customers and suppliers to the industry.

Both parts of the survey are supplied as pdf-files and can be purchased at a price of 1250,- EUR (plus taxes where applicable).

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